Mda Laptop Bag



“If you are truly telling a South African story then it will be political — because you are dealing with people who lead political lives in an environment which is highly politically charged.”
― Zakes Mda

The Mda laptop bag was inspired by the author, Zakes Mda. A literary genius in his own right yet reminding us that there are many stories to be told. Some of them hard, some of them light hearted, yet all of them worth telling and needing to be told so they may never be lost in time.

Inside the Mda Laptop bag are rock paintings. Images synonymous with the rich history of Southern Africa. Paintings which were done by those who had a story to tell, generations ago, yet today they remain, reminding us where we have come from.


-YKK Zips

-Detachable shoulder strap

-Charger compartment


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